Do savršene stražnjice u 6 jednostavnih koraka: Fitness influencerica pokazala kako

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Danae Mercer novinarka je koja se trenutno nalazi u Dubaiju, a vodeće teme o kojima piše su zdravlje i putovanja.

Osim novinarstvom, bavi se i svojim Instagram profilom gdje svakodnevno inspirira i motivira svojih 71 tisuću pratitelja.

Nedavno je razbila mit o savršenim stražnjicama s Instagrama – sve je do slikanja i poziranja!

U kratkom videu pokazala je kako u 6 koraka napraviti savršenu sliku stražnjice, a ključne stvari su poza, kut i položaj kamere.

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Want a social media BOOTIE? Or, hey, ever wonder how all that fitspo ALWAYS have perky patooties? Well here you go. Angles. Positioning. Flexing. Camera movement. Mix it all together and you've got one super defined derrier. Which is OK. Which is cool. But it's also important to remember that very few folks really walk around with badonkadonks like we see online. Some peachy people train crazy hard and some have epic genetics. Some just know how to work the camera. So just a small note to say that instagram, social media, it's not real — even if it's great for photography tips. ;) Complete shoutout to @jamssong who did this video first and with much better leggings, and @bretcontreras1 for being the ultimate glute guru and sharing it. Good luck out there folks. Peaches and all.

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  1. Okrenite se prema kameri.
  2. Okrenite jednu stranu unatrag i stavite ruku na bok.
  3. Zategnite mišiće stražnjice.
  4. Provjerite koji kut vam bolje odgovara.
  5. Stegnice trbušne mišiće i ispravite ramena.
  6. Spustite kameru.

Svakodnevno se trudi pratiteljima dati do znanja da prihvate svoje nepravilnosti na tijelu i izvuku najbolje iz njih.

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These are BOTH ME. And neither is AN ISSUE. Someone messaged the other day offering to fix this ISSUE with my BODY. Like my CELLULITE. My squiggly bits. It was well intentioned. Kindly meant. ‘Train with me and your issue will be gone.’ But no. No. I do not view my body as an issue. January is full of brutal resolutions and intense goals. Many of them link to weight loss. Goals are great. Fitness is fantastic. But do not pursue these things at the EXPENSE of your mental health. How we speak TO OURSELVES is so important. And like a toxic friend, we can bully our dreams. Our hopes. We can crush our plans before they even start. Let’s not call our bodies ‘issues’. Let’s focus on being strong. Balanced. Healthy. Powerful. Not for all the things we hate about ourselves, but for all the parts we love. Because front or back, soft or strong, no part of us is an ISSUE. Not even one bit. #iweigh #whstrong #womenirl #normalizenormalbodies #feminist #womenwhoroar #womenshealthmag #strongertogethertoday #cellulite #bopo #bodypositivity Snapped by @chiclebelle

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SHAME. What is the one thing WOMEN ARE TAUGHT to feel shame over? To be embarrassed by? OUR BODIES. 🚺 @Brenebrown interviewed over 200 women on shame. A crushing 90% felt shame over their bodies. 🚺 She also found that BODY SHAME is so powerful it stretched into most other areas of shame. “The long reach of body shame can impact who and how we love, work, parent, communicate and build relationships.” 🚺 So HOW TO FIGHT THIS? One of the steps is to SPEAK OUT. Shame grows and festers in silence. But look at the numbers. We are not alone. We are in this together. And we have voices to fight the hard fight. ❤️ photo by @laura_mccone #iweigh #selflove #brenebrown #bodyimage #positivebodyimage #bodypositivity #whstrong #cellulite #stretchmarks

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